Who We Are

Our Company and Methodology

Precision Medicine was why 5AM Solutions was founded in 2003.

Who We Are

For 21 years, 5AM has been a software product developer and system integrator for life science and healthcare customers who were early adopters and providers of genomic technologies. We have offered customers unique methods for leveraging genomics to address the data challenges of integrating personalized medicine into all sectors of health care.

How We Get There Earlier

5AM uses our own software development process, Glassbox®, which is based on the best principles of agile / scrum methodology, but with more flexibility, practicality, and visibility tailored to the needs of customer environments.

We focus on best practices, develop with structured agility, and provide clarity and transparency at every level.

Our process is scaled, iterative, and agile.

5AM follows a time-boxed approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally from the start of the project, instead of trying to deliver it all at once near the end. Our Glassbox® process is risk-focused; we address risks and mitigations at each iteration. Clients have access to risks, code, test results and the evolving system.

diagram of Glassbox process
Macro Viewpoints: Vision, Roadmap, and Releases

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