Cure Forward Clinical Trial Exchange

Case Study:

Cure Forward CTX
Web Application
Biolocator™ platform

Tech Stack:

Thymeleaf, Java, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss, Selenium, MySql

Project Summary

Cure Forward was developed as a medical genomics operating system for consumers, physicians, and clinical trial sponsors, which included an online Clinical Trial Exchange (CTX) for efficient matching of patients and biomarker-selective clinical trials. The platform included mechanisms for patients or their authorized representatives to post profiles containing medical and genomic data to the exchange, and a search interface for Clinical Trial Sponsors to set inclusion and exclusion criteria for evaluating trial participants. 5AM developed and owns a web- based software system, called biolocator™ for matching biomedical specimens to search criteria, which aggregates data streams from source systems. Biolocator™ components, such as register, search, request, review, ship, receive, and workflow, and additional features developed by 5AM were integrated into Cure Forward’s CTX platform.

Cure Forward leveraged 5AM expertise and capabilities for R&D planning and strategy, bioinformatics, and software programming to enable other technical components of its platform beyond the CTX, including design and development of front- and back-end pieces including algorithms and query scripts for practical use of patients’ medical and genomic data, such as matching of patients for social networking and e-commerce applications.

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